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Dissertation: Kiros Karamanidis

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Dissertation: Kiros Karamanidis

Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics German Sport University, Cologne

Motor behaviour during sudden perturbation and repetitive non-strategic tasks in consideration of muscle-tendon unit capacities: effects of aging and running

Approved thesis submitted for the degree PhD in Biomechanics by Kiros Karamanidis from Neohori Orestiada / Greece

Cologne, 2006


The results of the current thesis provide strong evidence that older individuals reorganise their motor behaviour during running over a wide range of running surfaces in order to adjust the task effort to the reduced capacities of their MTUs. This confirms the notion that the aged neural system is able to adapt its motor behaviour in response to internal and environmental changes during repetitive non-strategic tasks. In contrast, successful restoration of postural equilibrium after a sudden induced fall is a time-critical motor skill in that performance is constrained by a reasonably brief available time. The older subjects, therefore, were not able to adjust the task effort to the reduced capacities of the MTUs because of the reduced possibility of preplanning an effective motor response; thus, the age-related degeneration of the MTUs significantly diminished the older subjects' recovery behaviour.

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